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I’m so scared to be back, but I’m oh-so ready. 

I just don’t even know where to begin.

I was at the peak of my fitness ability when I started this blog and since then all of that has disappeared. 


Not only that but I disappeared off the face of the earth, gained 40lbs, feel like shit, and just don’t know where to start. 

I’m just so scared of stopping.

i’ve been gone!

but i’m still around. (:

just been busy with life; got married, applying to college, working on a bazillion essays

all that fun jazz!

i really want to make an official fitblr directory.

because all the other ones i’ve seen haven’t been updated for months or years. and being that i’ve been devoted to fitness and health for over two years now, i know i’ll be able to keep up and have other moderators to keep the directory active. 

i need to meet new fitblrs! 

someone talk to me! ):

i’m bored and sick and exhausted and prolonging working on my essay for school.

message me and let’s talk! 


hubby’s progress!
before- 215 lbsnow- 185 lbs (-30 lbs)
progress photos! (:
first one; july 2012 ~ 152 lbssecond one; september 2012 ~ 142 lbs
i eat around 1400 - 1600 calories/day, depending on how much i run, and i run anywhere from 5 - 7 miles/day. 
and this is the product of a slow and steady weight loss AND a healthier lifestyle change! :)

doing a running workout the next day after a core workout when you’re in serious muscle pain is not fun.

but hey, i feel great! now only to get my eating under control…

sorry for the absence

i’ve been working on college applications! it’s sad to think i’ll only have one more year of tumblr before i’ll be starting pre-med and going into the real world.


morning, all! (:

so i wanted to share that today i FINALLY fit into the Calvin Klein dress i bought at the thrift store a looooooong time ago (about five months ago).

having a pear-shaped body, the top of the dress fit perfectly, but when i tried pulling it down my hips and booty the dress just would not go (i was 155 lbs).

now today, 142.4 lbs, it’s still a *little* snug around the hips/booty, but it fits! horay for progress. (:

btw, its a size 4 dress!